Waverunner Atom MK3 Carp Fishing Bait Boat 1 Hopper 12v DC 4 Channel 40Mhz Running Time 1.5 hours

£674.99 (as of 20th October 2018, 12:33 pm)

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These Atom Bait Boats come with following outstanding features: Thick 3D CAD designed, hydro-dynamically efficient catamaran ABS hull give excellent stability and increased buoyancy. The upper deck of the Atom Bait Boat and the underwater part are fixed by stainless bolt, which makes the maintenance very easy. The waterproof silicon gasket between the upper deck and the underwater part makes the boat hull totally sealed and ensures that the boat is 100% waterproof.

•Dimensions (L x W x H): 540mm, 380mm, 220mm

Atom Bait boat Weight: 4.0kgs, including handset and chargers.
Battery weight: 2.4kg, including boat battery and handset battery.
Hoppers: 1 •Bait capacity: 1.5kg approx. Electrical system: 12V DC
Range: 500+/- meters depend on weather and environmental conditions. Lights: 2 front(white), 2 rear(blue), 3 battery status(green, yellow, red), 1 hopper release confirm (blue), 1 hook release confirm(white)
Radio handset: 4 channel, 40 Mhz Propulsion: 2 x maintenance-free propeller Running time: 1.5hours +/-