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Water Wolf UW 1.1 HD Underwater Fishing Camera, Black

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Product Description

The waterwolf uw 1.1 is waterproof to a minimum of 120 metres and is also shock proof. Fully charged, it has four hours of recording. Hd 720P wide screen format, 30 frames per sec for optimum light sensitivity. The camera comes with a smart, easy to rig, stainless steel stick that gives it perfect stability when moving through the water. Three different add-on weights give different sink rates and filming angles. Provided with the camera is an add on Glide to film any bait fishing situation and a very smart EVA carry/strap bag that may be mounted in a variety of ways. Note: the product is waterproof to a depth of 120 meters. The user has to securely fasten the cap in the back of the camera. If the cap isn’t secured back on completely with the two rubber rings as it should be in place it should let water in. Make certain that the cap on the back and the SD slot is securely fastened.

Box Contains

Water Wolf v1.1 Camera, USB Cable, Universal Fishing Mount, Universial Filming Mount, Bankstick Converter, EVA Glide, Lens Protective Cap, Brass Weights (9g, 12g, 15g)

Waterproof to 120 metres/390 Ft
Improved shock resistance
Improved on/off switch & easier to use
10 piece kit for more than one filming options
4 hours recording
NOTE:The minimum card spec we would recommend would be a 16gb