TIREOW Fly Fishing Tools Kits Retractor Zinger with Line Clipper Nippers Scissor Combo Quick Knot Cutter Nippers Snip Tying Tool Fishing

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☆Lend a hand you in cleaning out the eye of your hook

☆Cutting your fishing line and tying your leader to fly line and tippet to the leader

☆Made of top of the range & heat-treated stainless steel

☆A very good clipper, Clean-out needle to clear hook eyes, tie-fast knot tyer

☆Easy-to-use nail knot tying tool, Fishing line cutter


☆Fishing Clippers:Good for nylon line,blade will also be repeated polishing&sharpened

☆Built in Needle:Clean your eye holes,jig eye paint remver

☆Quick Knot Tyer: Tie string reliable knots,hook nail knot lure hook nail knot tie entire fly line

☆Material: Stainless Steel

☆Line Nipper Weight: about 11g/pcs

☆Zinger Weight: about 16g/pc

☆Line Nipper Size: 65mm x 10mm


☆Please allow 0.4-0.8 ” (1-2 cm) differences as a result of manual measurement, thank you.

☆In future use, the blade will also be repeated polishing and sharpened.

☆Package Include:

☆1 x Fishing Line Nipper

☆1 x Fishing Retractor

?For the convenience of transport, the blade was once not sharpened, beneficial to take somewhat polishing or resharpen before the usage of it
?Clippers with tie fast eye cleaner, Great for cutting trims line and leader material, not beneficial for braided line
?Small and lightweight, with fishing retractable zinger attached, you’ll east attach them to your fly fishing vest or lanyard, convenient and quick to hang
?Nipper-Material: Stainless Steel, black and silver color shown as the pictures
?Retractable Zinger weight: about 16g/pc , Line Nipper Size: 65mm x 10mm