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sunbond Rechargeable Heated Gloves,3.7v 3600mah Li-Ion Batteries for Quick & Even Heating, Works up to 6 hours,useing as bicycling, Motorcycling, Fishing, Skiing, Snow Plowing, and Walking

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STORAGE & CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS: Turn OFF the gloves by pressing the ON/OFF keypad Keep watch over button several seconds until the LED light turns off.
ALWAYS unplug the batteries when the gloves aren’t in use and store them within the pouch of the glove. Store the
gloves and adapter in a cool, clean and dry place and away from any direct heat sources or sunlight.
Only use the original adapter to charge the gloves.
DO NOT damage the heating elements by excessively stretching or twisting the gloves. DO NOT cut or puncture the
DO NOT dry clean or iron.
HAND WASH ONLY by the use of a mild detergent if vital. Cover the opening of the lead connectors with a waterproof
wrap and rubber band.
AIR DRY the gloves and away from any heat sources.
Let the gloves DRY completely before use.
Packing List: 2 Heated Gloves
2 Li-ion Polymer Batteries
1 Adapter
1 Instruction Booklet

3 Temperature Keep watch over Options: H-Red Heating 2 Hours – M-Green Heating 3~4 Hours – L-Blue Heating As much as 4~5 Hours
Weatherproof, 3600 mAh Lithium Battery,Designed for women and men to be used all through any activity whether you’re bicycling, Motorcycling, Fishing, Skiing, Snow Plowing, and Walking in a cold weather
Designed to Instant Heat up the back of band and fingers, Polyester for a Better Grip and Adjustable wrist enclosures
Includes 2 Battery’s, and a 100-240v Dual Charger with Charge Status Indicators Red – Charging, Green – Fully Charged
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