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LUCKY DUCKY PRO children’s waders – ADJUSTABLE WAIST, 9 models, SEPARATOR HARNESS, splash trousers

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LUCKY DUCKY PRO – Model has a separate harness, increasing comfort and preventing it from slipping off the child’s shoulders; adjustment of waist shorts. WADERS ALLOW YOUR CHILD TO PLAY OUTDOORS WHILE IT IS RAINING! Your child can now safely sit down in a puddle or on wet sand or grass and you don’t want to fret about getting wet through or catching hypothermia. WADERS PROTECT AGAINST WATER, WIND AND COLD. THEY WILL KEEP YOUR CHILD DRY AND WARM. THANKS TO THESE, YOUR CHILD’S CLOTHES WILL ALWAYS STAY DRY. These boots are constituted of hard-wearing, tear-proof plastic and have a thick, non-slip sole. The waders actually have a water-resistant bag for stowing and carrying items. The pocket can be utilized by a child to hold other things. ADVANTAGES OF WADERS: – 100% WATERPROOF – WINDPROOF – The Kurka wodna logo is constituted of a reflective band, meaning that the child will more visible at night and on overcast days. – Mega 5 l FF is an innovative material that comprises no phthalates and is non-toxic, making it a safer option in your child. – MODERN AND ORIGINAL TEMPLATES FOR CHILDREN




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