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Korda Strippa, Braid Stripping Tool

£6.48 (as of 15th December 2018, 1:09 pm)

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Korda Stripper Tool Since releasing their Hybrid hook link material Korda have been inundated with emails and calls from people enquiring how to strip it.For the previous few years they’ve advisable the use of your teeth which can`t be doing someone any favours for their dentist bills! Well they’ve now found an answer to this problem – the unique Strippa Tool.This can be a simple but extremely effective device that can be utilized for all coated hook link materials making it an absolute Should have item for any serious carp angler.The Strippa Tool is a small neat product manufactured with Anodised Aluminium in British Racing Green. This in point of fact is a nail and teeth saviour for those anglers who love the use of coated hook links.

Simple device for removing the coating on hook link materials
Should have item for each carp angler