Korda Polarised Wraps Sunglasses W/ Brown Lens

£15.94 (as of 28th October 2018, 5:14 am)

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Korda Wraps.65 Sunglasses are some of the vital tools in your fishing, and there’s a new addition to the incredibly popular 4th Dimension Eyewear range, at a price point which puts them within the reach of everyone. Wraps .65 will let you to see what’s going on below the surface and are a very lightweight model of glasses. They feature 0.65mm amber brown lenses, which might be great in most light conditions – enhancing visibility in lower light conditions, even as blocking out glare when the sun is bright. They’re wrap-around style, which helps to block light from getting in the sides and also means that they stay securely in place if you end up wearing them. They’re supplied with a drawstring bag, which may also be used for cleaning the lenses. 0.65mm Amber Brown Lenses Simple design, low price, uncompromised quality