Korda NEW Classic Polarized Fishing Sunglasses Black frame/grey lens

£44.99 (as of 28th October 2018, 5:14 am)

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Polarising sunglasses are in all probability the single most necessary item of tackle that you’ll own. They cut down glare to assist you to see y our quarry as they move around below the surface. So, it used to be only natural that Korda would release their very own range. Welcome to the 4th Dimension. The range accommodates seven pairs of glasses in total, across three styles, Wraps, Classics and Aviators. This timeless style is uber-cool, and there are three versions to make a choice from. First, Korda have the matt-tortoiseshell Classic with a brown lens. Then, there is the matt-black framed version, which boasts grey lenses, and in spite of everything there is the demi-tortoiseshell model with yellow lens.

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4th Dimension Range
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