Fox Rage Soft Steel Braid Braided Line 125 m

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Fox Rage Soft Steel Braid Braided Line
A good braided line for fishing with artificial bait
Braided straps, such as the since its introduction Soft Steel Braid Some of the favourite string of many pro’s. As involved within the fight counting down fish and medal just facts, and the talk within the soft steel basket Htenen Clear Language: Very low stretch for a right away and very natural bait guidance and high bite Output thanks to maximum power transfer in an instant. It also is available in a high linear less more likely to tear in combination with an oval, very fine surface structure, which is once again a strong digging into the spool core preventing and targeted distance casts. The thin line diameter and the thermal coating leave no desire in any form of artificial bait Rangelei. The soft steel braid is to be had within the colour ‘Grey’.
Contents: 125 m
Diameter Max. load 0,08 mm4,95kg/10,90lb0,10 mm6,16kg/13,60lb0,12 mm7,25kg/15,95lb0,14 mm9,38kg/20,63lb0,17 mm10,50kg/23,02lb0,20 mm11,66kg/25,11lb
Summary: The Fox Rage Soft Steel Braid is a superb braided line for fishing for predatory fish

Good braided line for catching predatory fish Fishing
Diameter can also be switched between 0.08 – 0.24 mm
Subtle grey colour
Box contents: 125 m spool
Thermal Coating