Carp Madness XXL Liner Boat 2.4GHz Black BAITBOAT Bait Boat

£676.59 (as of 20th October 2018, 2:18 pm)

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Carp Madness XXL lining boat black<br/> In more than of the fourth generation and 100% at maturity.<br/>’With this boat we have developed lining to give you a boat, a milestone on the performance of other manufacturers can measure, complete “handb 799 in Germany.<br/>We only use high quality, technical parts manufacturers, this ensure safety, reliability and a quiet and quiet operation.<br/>It is sure to appeal of such a mellow bait boats to have.<br/>You have the opportunity to up to 4 kg of feed includes Application (S) to carry.<br/>Radio System:<br/>Latest digital 2.4 GHz radio technology with one-handed operation guarantees a range of 1000 m, double channel configuration and interference are a thing of the past<br/>Driver Unit:<br/>Black Devil 655 motor, cross-country skiers with a good torque<br/>- Double ball bearing mounted waves from the racing, incredibly quiet and quiet running<br/>Lighting:<br/>Bright LED can be smoothly dimmed via radio device.<br/>General Benefits of the boat:<br/>- Weight incl. Batteries: is only 5 kg.<br/>- From the production of the fuselage to complete assembly made in Germany<br/>We recommend this boat itself – and also yourself, we able to offer at this unbeatable price. Perfect service<br/>We distanzieren expressly of cheap components or components that do not match the state of the art. In our boats are when installed only the most modern components from well-known manufacturer.<br/>Box Contents This complete set:<br/>Lining boat carp Madness XXL Black<br/>Digital 6 Channel Radio Equipment 2.4 GHz<br/>- Padded carry bag<br/>Complete all-round light device.<br/>Carrying handle<br/>- Lead Acid Batteries with 18000 mAh<br/>- 2 Automatic chargers<br/>- User Instructions<br/>

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